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Important Notice for Customers of Nationwide Expert Witness Service Ltd.

As a customer of the above company I am writing to you to inform you of a number of changes to our services. The impact of Covid lockdowns, delays in cases coming to Court, a nineteen-year freeze on SLAB fees for our services, as well as increasing delays in payment and several retirements have made our current model of business unsustainable.

As of 1 June 2022 we will no longer accept new instructions for our remaining skilled witnesses, some of whom will continue to provide services directly to you. Their contact details are listed below.

We will complete all work that has been instructed or quoted for prior to 1 June 2022, as well as dealing with all current and future citations in respect of drug related cases reported on by Mr. William Percy.
All payments for cases processed by N.E.W.S. Ltd and invoiced should be paid in a normal manner as previously. It would be appreciated that all outstanding invoices be paid as soon as possible, to allow the timely and orderly consolidation of outstanding fees and settlement with the various skilled witnesses engaged by N.E.W.S. Ltd on your behalf.


Drug Related work

Mr. Kenneth Lee, who has been with N.E.W.S. Ltd for 4 years, will undertake all drug related cases from 1 June 2022.

His company is Expert Drug Witness Services Ltd, 20 Gean Drive, Blackburn, Aberdeenshire, AB21 0YN.

Tel: 01224 791088/07786 004213


D.N.A. & Blood Spatter

Ms. Jacqueline Marshal/Mr. Terry Randall.

DNA Scotland Ltd, Trident House, R.3.5, 175 Renfrew Road, Paisley PA3 4EF.

Tel. 07794 956358


Mobile Phones, Computers, Etc.

Mr. Jim Borwick.

Tel. 07748 736481



Dr. Chandima Perara.

Tel. 07970 353693


Road Traffic Collisions, Etc.

Mr. Robert McCulloch

Tel. 07786 494598


If you have any queries regarding the above, do not hesitate to contact us.

Yours faithfully,
Gordon Thomson